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Burst Group External Collaboration Overview

Overview of Active or Possible External Collaboration

Name of external person(s), group, or scientific collaboration:

Garrett Jernigan and other scientists from the RXTE project. (Ed Morgan, Scott Hughes, Al Levine, Saul Rappaport)
NASA web page about RXTE

Brief description of collaborative activity (one sentence):

Collect new RXTE data observing Sco X-1, and look for correlated variability with the GW data stream.

Contact person(s) in the LSC+Virgo collaborations:

Erik Katsavounidis, Jared Markowitz, Chris Messenger

External contact person(s):

Garrett Jernigan

How does/would this collaborative activity benefit the LSC and Virgo?

Could reveal a connection between X-ray and gravitational-wave emission from low-mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs).

Are there other individuals/groups who could provide similar benefits?

If so, what is the scientific and/or practical justification for pursuing this particular collaboration?
RXTE is particularly suited for recording the time variability of the X-ray emission as it has microsecond timing resolution. (I (Peter) am not sure whether other X-ray satellites such as Chandra, Suzaku, and XMM-Newton would also be suitable for this.) Also, the strong representation of both LIGO and RXTE at MIT make it convenient to work together effectively.

Are any joint proposals planned to be submitted, e.g. for funding or for telescope time?

If so, indicate what will be proposed, to what agency or entity, and who will be listed as the investigator(s).
Yes, a proposal was made to the RXTE project for observing time to collect data on Sco X-1. The investigators on that proposal were Garrett Jernigan, Ed Morgan, Erik Katsavounidis, Scott Hughes, Al Levine, and Saul Rappaport. Some amount of observing time during the S5 run was awarded and used. The LSC also produced a document that added to the scientific case for keeping RXTE online during 2009 and the S6 run.

Describe any paper(s) which will/might result from this collaboration

Detection of correlated variability would lead to a joint discovery paper. Also a publication quantifying the gains in GW sensistivty with RXTE folded in is planned (Markowitz) as well as a paper describing efforts to determine the spin period of Sco X-1 from RXTE-only data (Messenger).

What preliminary studies (if any) have been done or are currently being done?

I (Jared) have been performing a cross correlation analysis of H1, L1, and RXTE data using CorrPower. This analysis searches for correlated excess power from Sco X-1 in 100 ms - 10 s windows. Chris Messenger is using the new Hanover cluster to perform an analysis over the entire archived RXTE Sco X-1 data set in search of the spin period of Sco X-1.

Any other comments:

The MOU is M070015-00; it has an attachment, M070039-00. Also see Garrett Jernigan's summary.
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