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Burst Group External Collaboration Overview

Overview of Active or Possible External Collaboration

Name of external person(s), group, or scientific collaboration:

TAROT: Télescopes à Action Rapide pour les Objets Transitoires
TAROT home page

Brief description of collaborative activity (one sentence):

Use the TAROT telescopes to obtain prompt optical images at the sky positions of GW event candidates

Contact person(s) in the LSC+Virgo collaborations:

None established yet

External contact person(s):

None established yet

How does/would this collaborative activity benefit the LSC and Virgo?

An optical transient detected by TAROT could confirm a GW trigger as an actual astrophysical event, localize it, and provide information about the progenitor. Also, localizing it promptly would allow further follow-up observations by large-aperture telescopes. TAROT has two telescopes, in France and Chile, which are specifically designed for rapid follow-ups of GRBs and observations of other variable phenomena.

Are there other individuals/groups who could provide similar benefits?

If so, what is the scientific and/or practical justification for pursuing this particular collaboration?
The ROTSE project is very similar, and we are interested in collaborating with ROTSE too. TAROT and ROTSE together have six telescopes at six different locations around the globe, providing excellent sky coverage.

Are any joint proposals planned to be submitted, e.g. for funding or for telescope time?

No, this is a peer-to-peer collaboration.

Describe any paper(s) which will/might result from this collaboration

If we discover a GW signal associated with an optical transient, we will be very excited and will publish a joint detection paper. We probably won't publish anything if we don't detect anything, except (potentially) a methods paper.

What preliminary studies (if any) have been done or are currently being done?

None so far.

Any other comments:

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