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Plans for Papers

GRB 051103 search (Gareth, James, Peter K, Robert)

S5/VSR1 black hole merger results paper (Chris Pankow)

S6/VSR2/3 GRB search (Michal Was, Dan Hoak, et al.)

EM follow-up methods paper (Jonah Kanner, Brennan Hughey, et al.)

S5/VSR1 GW+HEN joint burst search with ANTARES (Irene Di Palma)

S6/VSR2/3 All-sky burst search

S6/VSR2/3 EM follow-up Swift results (Erik Katsavounidis, Brennan Hughey)

S5-6/VSR1-3 cosmic string cusp search (Kipp Cannon, Florent Robinet, Xavier Siemens)

IMR methods paper (Satya Mohapatra, Chris Pankow, Sarah Caudill, Chad Hanna, et al.)

Analyses/papers at an earlier stage of definition...

All-sky neutron star ringdown search (Miltos Vavoulidis)

Swift sub-prime GRBs (Emelie Harstad)

IPN GRBs (Nicolas Leroy?)

S6/VSR2/3 EM follow-up analysis results (Marica Branchesi, Eric Chassande-Mottin, Darren White, Laura Nuttall, Josh Smith, ...)

S5-6/VSR1-3 GW+HEN joint burst search with IceCube (Imre Bartos)

S6/VSR2-3 GW+HEN joint burst search with ANTARES (Boutayeb Bouhou)

Joint search with RXTE

S6/VSR2/3 SGR flare burst search

S5/VSR1/S6/VSR2/3 supernova burst search (Peter Kalmus, Christian Ott, Laura Cadonati, ...)

Eccentric binaries

Search for long-duration bursts

Pulsar glitch triggered neutron star ringdown search (Ignacio Santiago)

S5-6/VSR1-3 all-sky search astrophysical interpretation

Joint search with Arecibo / Green Bank radio bursts (Brennan Hughey)

Joint search with LWA / ETA radio bursts (Cregg Yancey)

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