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S5 All-Sky Burst Search up to 2 kHz


The all-sky (and all-times) search for gravitational-wave bursts is, in a sense, the flagship search of the Burst Group. Because we want the search to be as broad as possible, we employ multiple analysis pipelines to search the data for signals. Our basic plan for publications is to include the various pipelines as long as they contribute significantly to the results. This is determined by evaluating the sensitivity of each pipeline for various types of simulated signals ("MDC data sets").

For the S5/VSR1 run, we have chosen to divide up the data into two time blocks: the first calendar year (with the nickname "S5y1") and the second calendar year ("S5y2/VSR1"). The latter includes about 5 months of joint running with Virgo along with about 6 months of LIGO-GEO only. This web page summarizes the search which focuses on the most sensitive frequency band, up to 2 kHz; higher frequencies are handled in a separate search (see here for the S5y1 high-frequency search).

Analysis Pipelines

The S5y1 all-sky search uses the following analysis pipelines: The S5y2/VSR1 search uses the following analysis pipelines:

Some more details can be found in the S5 burst analysis planning document.

Common Pieces of the Analysis

Outliers investigated

GPS timeFound byDetection checklistComment
866587922 Omega H1H2V1 Link Fails Cat3
867120400 EGC H1L1V1 Link Fails Cat3
873908942 EGC H1H2L1V1 Link Fails Cat3
874465554 CWB H1H2L1V1, H1H2L1 Link "Equinox event"
874925675 Omega H1H2V1 Link Fails Cat3


Year-1 search paper

Target: Phys. Rev. D
Location: In bursts CVS at projects/s5allsky/s5-1year-prd/ (directory link)
Current pdf


S5 Year-2 / VSR1 search paper

Target: Phys. Rev. D
Location: In bursts CVS at papers/s5-2year-vsr1/ (directory link)
Current pdf


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