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Review Committee Meeting Tuesday 15 November 2005 12:30 PST / 15:30 EST

Minutes: Tuesday 15 November 2005 12:30 PST / 15:30 EST



  1. GWDAW Presentation targets:
    • S4 LIGO-only untriggered: preliminary results including upper limits.
    • S4 LIGO-GEO: sensitivities only
    • S4 Cosmic Strings: methods + perhaps sensitivities based on noise curve but this needs review of technical report
    • GRB population study: method only
    • LIGO-AURIGA: sensitivities only; want to press-forward on review of this search so that results can be presented in student thesis in Feb. What is policy on this?
    • H1/H2 null-stream: methods (review needed to understand calibration issues; code review with existing technical document giving a starting-point)
    • Multidim classification of KleineWelle triggers: methods-only not-for-LSC style talk.
    • Detecter characterization: probably won't need much review.
  2. Code reviews:
    • WaveBurst:
      • need to look at changes between last review and new tagged version (should be very minor)
      • need to look at 4-IFO search
    • CorrPower:
      • need to update review to current code
    • KlineWelle:
      • review at final stages
    • GravEn:
      • need to start internal code review for this
      • for S4: need to discuss what checks have been done of of MDC simulations
    • Q-pipeline:
      • on-going code review in place
    • GRB triggered search:
      • need to start internal code review for this
    • Cosmic string search:
      • need to start internal code review for this
    • Null-stream method:
      • need to do a code review of this
      • there is already some internal review done by Siong
    • AURIGA:
      • IGEC already has done some validation -- this could form a good starting point for a code review
      • do we need to do further review of code?
  3. S4 LIGO-only untriggered search todo list so far:
    • check validity of "background" assumption by time-shift analysis of loud simulated injections
    • re-run 22 waveburst jobs with corrected code; re-run post-processing to obtain final triggers, plots, etc.
    • check R0 cut with S4 hardware injections
    • generate efficiency curves etc.
    • update waveburst review to "final" version
    • update corrpower review to "final" version
    • meet with Keith Thorne to discuss validation of MDC frames
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