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Review Committee Meeting Monday 1 May 2006 09:00 PST / 12:00 EST

Minutes: Monday 1 May 2006 09:00 PST / 12:00 EST

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. Summary of items requiring review prior to the June LSC meeting.
  2. Continue the review of the S2-S3-S4 GRB-GWB search with focus on details of the analysis and tuning choices [ HTML ]

Contact Info

AccuConference teleconferencing service:
   Phone: 1-800-704-9896, participant code: 038621#
   International callers ++1-404-920-6472 with same code


  1. We discussed the reviewing goals prior to the June LSC meeting.
    • Papers that may be presented to the LSC include:
      • S2-S3-S4 GRB-GWB search (draft available).
      • S4 LIGO-Only Untriggered Search.
      • SGR 1806-20 Search.
      • Possibly other technical papers.
    • There should be some presentation to the LSC on the S5 LTA analysis.
    • Summer meetings are MG (Steve Fairhurst will be giving the Inspiral + Burst presentation), LISA symposium, AAS, Elba (Patrick Sutton will be giving a coherent analysis methods only talk). May not be any need to review new material for summer conferences.
    • Other reviewing priorities (not in any order):
      • Excess Power
      • Q Pipeline
      • X Pipeline
      • Cosmic Strings
      • Coherent WB (need to appoint a new external code reviewer -- Keith will continue until end of summer)
      • LIGO-GEO (expect a technical methods paper prior to Aug LSC, but it could turn into a results paper because can look at higher frequencies at sky locations optimally oriented for GEO and get comparable LIGO GEO sensitivities)
      • LIGO-AURIGA (status?)
      • H1-H2 Null Stream Analysis (after LSC meeting)
    • Need guidance from group how to pipeline these reviews. Is it a good idea to parallelize the review? Will consider this, but inclination is to review things largely sequentially for now.
  2. Soumya will compile correspondence and evaluations of statistical methods to form the basis of documentation on algorithm choices for the GRB-GWB analysis. Still required:
    • Description of why binomial test is capable of detecting a population while a test of just the most significant or two events is less capable. (Might be part of the correspondence Soumya will provide.)
    • Input, output, and intermediate data products so we can do a detailed examination of the search pipeline.
    • Discussion on source model (linear vs. circular polarized).
    • Segments with injections to be analyzed in the same way as segments without injections.
    • Possibly additional simulations (e.g., kludged BNS merger waveforms).
    • Detailed investigation as to why limits vary during runs ... not always due to sky position of GRB. (E.g., compare H1-L1 limits with H2-L1 limits for a given GRB, or H1-H2 limits for various GRBs within a run.) Need a way to estimate the sensitivity of the search.
    • Identification of short GRBs -- should these be treated as a separate population?
    • Better understanding of why performance degrades for CC durations less than 25 ms.
    • Accounting of systematic errors (e.g., from calibration phases in the search, phases and amplitudes in the simulations).
    • Investigation into why whitened spectrum doesn't appear white below 70 Hz.
    • Further investigations into transitions between whitening segments. Overlay whitened data where the segment boundaries are chosen to be at different places.
  3. Luca will update webpage to current state of SGR1806-20 analysis. Will also put in intermediate results, code, input files, etc. Still need to decide if data cuts should be used in the on-source region. (Simulations suggest they can be used safely.)
  4. In general: intermediate products, investigations, etc., for all searches should be available. Posting on the burst group enotebook is a good way to make these available.
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