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Review Committee Meeting Monday 22 May 2006 09:00 PST / 12:00 EST

Minutes: Monday 22 May 2006 09:00 PST / 12:00 EST

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. Continue the review of the S2-S3-S4 GRB-GWB search with focus on details of the analysis and tuning choices [ HTML ]
  2. Continue the review of the SGR1806-20 search with focus on details of the analysis and tuning choices [ HTML ]

Contact Info

AccuConference teleconferencing service:
   Phone: 1-800-704-9896, participant code: 038621#
   International callers ++1-404-920-6472 with same code


  1. GRB
    • Updated hrss limits now available. Greater than before (by about 10%) because of new calibation (as expected).
    • Input data and intermediate results now available HTML.
    • Perl script to choose segments. Request this too.
    • Soumya: review notes [ PDF ] argue that maximum likelihood method does not fold into account absolute sensitivity of detectors (only relative sensitivities). This is expected because there is no prior assumption that GRBs are standard candles (and certainly no assumption that we know the redshift of any GRB). Good argument to be made in paper to justify statistic used.
    • Request back-of-the-envelope style estimation of the sensitivity of the search. Object is to take sensitivity curve and compute expected upper limit. Very important sanity check.
  2. SGR
    • Current code [ HTML ] and summary [ PDF ] posted.
    • New code is slightly different. Now down-sampling; new DQ flags.
    • FFL file seems damaged. Szabi will look into replacing damaged frame file.
    • The "testpoint" directory contains Matlab output files with intermediate data products.
    • Sharmilla will be doing the code review. As part of this, code should be put into Matapps and tagged when review is done.
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