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Review Committee Meeting Monday 30 October 2006 12:00 Pacific / 15:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday 30 October 2006 12:00 Pacific / 15:00 Eastern

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. S4 Untriggered Search Update
    • Most Recent Paper Draft [ PDF ]
  2. GRB Search Update
    • Most Recent Paper Draft [ PDF ]
  3. SGR QPO Update
    • Most Recent Paper Draft [ PDF ]
  4. S4 LIGO-GEO Search Status [ HTML ]
  5. S4 Cosmic String Search Status [ HTML ]
  6. AOB

Contact Info

AccuConference teleconferencing service:
   Phone: 1-800-704-9896, participant code: 038621#
   International callers ++1-404-920-6472 with same code


  1. S4 Untriggered Search Update
    • New features of paper
      • Energy equiv. calculations. Now a Virgo cluster example. Distance of Virgo is uncertain. 15-20 Mpc. Choose 16 Mpc.
      • All comments received so far have been acted upon. Annotations exist but aren't written up (hard since some of them were PDF markups). Probably not important to have these unless a need arises. But it is useful to have with early drafts so that we keep track of what has or has not been done. In future we should probably have only plain-text comments that are easily annotated.
      • Paper to go to LSC as a final draft and presented at LSC meeting for final approval.
    • CorrPower Review
      • Pre- and Post-Scripts checked for reproducibility. Pre- scripts take WB output to CorrPower input. Post- scripts take WB output and CorrPower output to figures and tables in the paper. Keith Thorne still needs to walk through these scripts but that should be easy since they are short.
      • Code walk-through of CorrPower still to be done. (Have been concentrating on finishing the paper.)
    • Fits to efficiency curves. Peter and Laura have spent a long time looking at these and they seem to be as safe as houses. Probably not worth dwelling upon as long as the fits look good and the 50% points look right.
  2. GRB Search Update: New draft of paper
    • Definition of hrss changed by factor of sqrt(2) for circularly polarized. Peter Shawhan agrees with definition now and checked that the factor is carried into figures and tables.
    • Structure of paper changed according to Peter Shawhan's recommendation.
    • Would like tex file (makes it easier for automated check of numbers). Would be nice to have file in CVS where we can access it. See note in AOB (below).
    • Comments from Saulson on earlier draft... will post on bulletin page.
    • Outstanding points: 1% curves on binomial plots and injections in on-source segments. Should resolve these issues before final draft sent to LSC.
    • Goal is to have a final draft sent to LSC before LSC meeting.
  3. SGR QPO Update: New draft of paper
    • Comments have been acted upon. Writing detector section. Should the paper be sent to LSC? Perhaps people already have too much to read -- could send it out later. Idea: discuss paper at f2f and then distribute the paper at the LSC meeting and walk through it in the session.
    • Annotation of comments would be nice. At this stage it is simply "all implemented".
    • Paper is under a local SVN. See note in AOB (below).
    • General remark on energetics. Jolien has been promoting E_iso as isotropic radiation, circular polarization. Perhaps it is better to say "unpolarized" in a sense of "equal but uncorrelated power in the + and x polarizations" (similar to the sense of unpolarized -- as opposed to circular polarized -- electromagnetic radiation). Perhaps term "unpolarized" isn't really suitable -- there are pretty good reasons to assume that the radiation would be polarized somehow. Need to consider how best to describe what we mean.
  4. S4 LIGO-GEO Search Status: no report. No paper for LSC meeting.
  5. S4 Cosmic String Search Status: no report this week. Kipp will be presenting preliminary results at LSC meeting.
  6. AOB
    • LSC meeting: we will need to provide reports on GRB and S4-untriggered papers (preferably with a recommendation to publish). Also a status of the review report for the SGR search.
    • Writing papers: it would be best if papers were written under CVS (or equivalent system) in some manner where they can be accessed more broadly (e.g., by a WebCVS system)... this will let us grab equations, figures, etc., and also to check diffs between versions and make links to particular versions. Erik advocates the MIT CVS. Xavi used the burst webpage CVS. Luca used a Columbia SVN. It might make sense to standardize and stick a link to the location on the burst webpage sidebar.
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