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Review Committee Meeting Monday 7 May 2007 12:00 Pacific / 15:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday 7 May 2007 12:00 Pacific / 15:00 Eastern

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. Update on S2-S3-S4 GRB search
    • Review Page [ HTML ]
    • MDC Search [ HTML ]
  2. Report on GRB070201 search
  3. Update on S3 AURIGA-LIGO search
    • Paper Draft [ PDF ]
    • Search Summary [ HTML ]
    • Technical Documentation [ HTML ]

Contact Info

InterCall telecon service:
   Phone: 1-866-380-5536, participant code: 435 672 9587 #
   International callers ++1-816-249-4731 with same code
   International access numbers (~10 cents/min surcharge for LIGO Lab):
      Paris 017 080 7156 ;
      Lyon 042 603 0036 ;
      Germany toll-free 0800 182 1591 ;
      Berlin 030 726 167 371 ;
      Rome 00645 217 080 ;
      UK toll-free 0808 234 7914 ;
      London 0203 107 0293
   Handy participant command:  Press *6 ["*M"] to mute, #6 to unmute


  1. Update on S2-S3-S4 GRB search
    • MDC Search Results [ HTML ]
      • Patrick's MDC frames used V02 calibration; analyzed using V01.
      • Inspiral looks strange... not sure why it goes to zero near beginning and it doesn't appear to taper off at end. Hard to tell with resolution of plot. Need to check DARM_ERR MDC frame contents.
      • Check frequency of inspiral at time of largest cc
    • Various other changes still needed in paper as discussed before.
  2. Report on GRB070201 search
    • Calibration
      • Evan Goetz and Mike Landry have checked the calibration. V03 will apply to 070201. Short document will be issued in a week.
      • Factors have been calculated for 25 minutes on either side. But we need around 1 day worth of factors (most searches use a day worth of data). Problem: would need DQ flags. Laura will make DQ flags available for that day.
      • Ask inspiral group if they need frame-format factors. Answer is no for this search.
      • Need V03 h(t). Brian will contact Xavi.
    • Appendices: will be in technical documentation form of paper but won't necessarily appear in the published paper. Unlikely that more than the baseline search will be included in the main paper though corroborating support is useful.
    • Target journal: ApJ.
    • What results? Currently only cc_largest and p_local stated for 25 ms and 100 ms. Expect to have UL curves for SGs too. Perhaps something about inspirals? Unclear why if there is an inspiral component. Szabi thinks that readers may not believe coverage of inspiral search and that the burst results are more robust. But it is not clear what signals would be outside of the inspiral search space, and such signals haven't been used in the burst case....
    • What to show: for SG waveforms, hrss, EGW, f0. For other waveforms try to present similar to inspiral. (I.e., use D rather than hrss.)
  3. Update on S3 AURIGA-LIGO search
    • Loudest events are being followed-up.
    • Double checking timing and efficiencies. Will get scripts cleaned up and in CVS.
    • Systematics: 10% AURIGA has been included now. LIGO uncertainties haven't yet.
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