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Review Committee Meeting Monday 25 June 2007 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday 25 June 2007 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. Continued review of GRB070201 search
    • Summary [ HTML ]
    • Latest Version of Paper [ PDF ]
    • Isabel's Summary Page [ HTML ]
    • Code to check cross-corrrelation statistic [ HTML ].
      Documentation [ PDF ].
      Upper limit confidence belt [ PDF ].
      Cross-correlation distribution for BNS population [ PDF ].
    • Isabel's search code [ HTML ]
    • Szabi's Amaldi slides [ PDF ]

Contact Info

InterCall telecon service:
   Phone: 1-866-380-5536, participant code: 435 672 9587 #
   International callers ++1-816-249-4731 with same code
   International access numbers (~10 cents/min surcharge for LIGO Lab):
      Paris 017 080 7156 ;
      Lyon 042 603 0036 ;
      Germany toll-free 0800 182 1591 ;
      Berlin 030 726 167 371 ;
      Rome 00645 217 080 ;
      UK toll-free 0808 234 7914 ;
      London 0203 107 0293
   Handy participant command:  Press *6 ["*M"] to mute, #6 to unmute


  1. GRB070201
    • Several action items from last week have been completed.
    • Check of cross-correlation vs. eff dist shows that smallest eff. dist give largest cross-correlation.
    • Isabel's h(t) matches MDC h(t) for given hrss apart from difference in convention of psi.
    • Isabel has posted data for injections. Action: Isabel will convert to ascii files.
    • Keith Thorne has produced MDC SG for DARM.
    • Action: Isabel will do a run with MDC frames to compare with her internal injection routines to make sure that the MDC injection is done correctly.
    • Peter Kalmus is reading diffs. Report soon.
    • Action: Isabel will put code into CVS.
    • Requirement to show numbers is that a paper is released to LSC. Timeline: Paper will be ready by end of Tuesday. Reviewers to begin looking at paper on Wednesday, comments by end of day. Paper would have to be released on Friday.
    • Action Isabel will run using V03 calibration.
    • Possible bug in inspiral waveform code -- does not affect us since MDC masses not too high.
    • Szabi's Amaldi presentation: expect that vague statements ("we didn't see anything -- this means that it was most likely not a binary collision in M31") will be fine. Possibly we will be able to have numbers to present. This will require a lot of work.
    • Szabi's Amaldi presentation: SGR section -- don't understand extrapolation to S5. We don't understand it. Not shown before. Either show what was before or we need to see a write-up. Action: if it is possible to quickly write-up the calculation, Luca will do so; otherwise go with what was done for APS.
    • Next meetings: Thursday a code review for inspiral part. Friday: joint burst/inspiral review meeting.
  2. LIGO-AURIGA: No report.
  3. Igor's Amaldi presentation:
    • General discussion that we don't want to show results that are not close to what we think final results should be. "Preliminary" does not mean that we show results that we expect may change significantly.
    • Slide 11: H1-H2 data not reviewed. Should cWB code reviewers will see if they can review this material? Default is that it should not be show. Proposal is that this level of detail is not needed. Action: present essence of material without actually showing efficiencies. Also, need to make explicit that this is the high threshold search.
    • Slide 12: This is timeslide data! Action: need to say this on slide. This material needs to be reviewed at some level. Action: cWB code review team will look at this material.
    • Slide 13: S5 extrapolation. Only stub was available for exec. committee. This was not approved. Action: remove.
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