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Review Committee Meeting Monday 26 November 2007 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday 26 November 2007 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. GWDAW Business
  2. Review of BurstMDC Simulation
    • The GravEn source code in the BurstMDC release [ HTML ]
  3. A.O.B.

Contact Info

InterCall telecon service:
   Phone: 1-866-380-5536, participant code: 435 672 9587 #
   International callers ++1-816-249-4731 with same code
   International access numbers (~10 cents/min surcharge for LIGO Lab):
      Paris 017 080 7156 ;
      Lyon 042 603 0036 ;
      Germany toll-free 0800 182 1591 ;
      Berlin 030 726 167 371 ;
      Rome 00645 217 080 ;
      UK toll-free 0808 234 7914 ;
      London 0203 107 0293
   Handy participant command:  Press *6 ["*M"] to mute, #6 to unmute


  1. GWDAW: Timeline for looking at presentations?
    • Conference is Thursday December 13
    • LSC PP approval required by Thursday December 6
    • For those presentations with "for the LIGO and/or Virgo", this committee needs to approve on Monday December 3. That is Next Week
    • For those presentations involving DetChar material, will ask Keith Riles to schedule DetChar approvals on Friday November 30.
    • The following presentations should be straighforward:
      • Leonor: Search for a Gravitational-Wave Burst Associated with GRB 070201 using LIGO Data (talk)
      • Z. Marka: Overview of LSC-Virgo externally-triggered searches (talk)
      • Cadonati: All-Sky Burst Search in the First Year of the LSC S5 Run (talk)
      They should contain only previously approved material.
    • We want to see the following presentation ASAP.
      • Leroy: LSC-Virgo joint burst search (talk)
      We are concerned that it could have unreviewed content and we want to head off last-minute issues now. Note: Chatterji's Amaldi talk [ PDF, PPT ] has approved material. We don't expect to be able to approve anything substantially different.
    • The following presentations should be approved (for scientific content) by the DetChar group. The burst review committee just wants to make sure that there is no astrophysical content (sensitivites etc.) in these talks that hasn't already been approved.
      • Blackburn: The Role of Data Quality in S5 Burst Analyses (poster)
      • Stone: Analysis of nonstationarity in LIGO S5 data using the NoiseFloorMon output (poster)
      • Mukherjee: Multidimensional classification analysis of kleine Welle triggers in LIGO S5 run (poster)
      Note: we would like to see the last one soon as this is the most likely to raise concerns, and we would like to head-off any problems.
  2. Review of BurstMDC Simulation
    • Reviewed pregenlist to line 123. Issues:
      • Get rid of comment on line 103.
    • Reviewed setampl. Issues:
      • Test for number of inputs missing.
      • Line 65: needs to be an offset!
      These should not have affected burst MDC results so far.
    • Reviewed picstime. Issues:
      • Needs to be consistency checks on sizes of input vectors (scalar if three args are given).
    • Reviewed getifo. Issues:
      • CODEC is defined in terms of LAT. Should it instead be related to the vector X cross Y ? That is, should it account for the arm tilt?
        Action: How is CODEC ever used?
      • Action: Check all numbers against Anderson et al. and primary references.
      • GEO adopted a notation for their arms such that "Arm 1" cross "Arm 2" points "down". Anderson et al. simply took the GEO definition of "x" and "y" arms, so in that reference X cross Y points "down". In this routine, arm V and arm W are reversed compared to Anderson et al. arm X and arm Y. That is, V cross W points "up". The central question is How does GEO define h in terms of their two arms and does this agree with how V and W are used?
        Action: Find out how GEO defines h.
    • Reviewed setexternal to line 59.
    • We are currently at line 59 of setexternal from line 123 of pregenlist from line 165 of makelist.
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