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Review Committee Meeting Monday Aug 04 2008 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday Aug 04 2008 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. Announcements
  2. Update on status of S5 1st Year Burst Search Paper [ HTML ]
  3. Reports from Burst Review Teams
  4. Review of BurstMDC Simulation
    • BurstMDC Bulletin Board [ HTML ]
    • BurstMDC code change log [ HTML ]
    • Web interface to code release BurstMDC_S5_v3 (S5 FirstYear) [ HTML ]
    • Web interface to matapps CVS (S5 Second-Year, diffs) [ web ]
  5. A.O.B.

Contact Info

InterCall telecon service:
   Phone: 1-866-380-5536, participant code: 435 672 9587 #
   International callers ++1-816-249-4731 with same code
   International access numbers (~10 cents/min surcharge for LIGO Lab):
      Paris 017 080 7156 ;
      Lyon 042 603 0036 ;
      Germany toll-free 0800 182 1591 ;
      Berlin 030 726 167 371 ;
      Rome 00645 217 080 ;
      UK toll-free 0808 234 7914 ;
      London 0203 107 0293
   Handy participant command:  Press *6 ["*M"] to mute, #6 to unmute


  1. Announcements
    • Heng: No comments on LIGO-GEO paper received. Will contact Reitze before submitting to CQG.
    • Thorne: Moving to LLO in September; will have less time for data analysis tasks. Should be able to continue with review telecons.
  2. Update on status of S5 1st Year Burst Search Paper [ HTML ]
    • None.
  3. Reports from Burst Review Teams
    • None.
  4. Review of BurstMDC Simulation
    • Last telecon: got to graven.m, line 411. Reviewing changes for 2cd year analysis. Largely finished.
    • Remaining code changes to check are a few under the "Code Changes for Release BurstMDC_S5_R3" of the BurstMDC code change log [ HTML ]. The remaining changes are all related to the new format for BurstMDC log files.
    • Starting with networkgraven. Diff'ed current v1.5 to previous v1.4. Only change is forcing integer start sample value using floor. No problem.
    • Next reviewed changes to add2burstmdclog.m between v1.1 and v1.5. Replacing some of the fields that used to be in log file with others: StartSamp1, StartSamp2, SimStartGPS gone, SimHrss, SimEgwR2, EarthCtrGPS added in. The new variables are supplied as input arguments. EarthStartGPS is required input but not used; did not want to change number of columns in output log. Future enhancement: add EarthStartGS to logs, allow calculation of length of injection tseries, also make sure all code compatible with 10-digit GPS times. No issues.
    • Next, reviewed genburstmdclog.m diffs between v1.18 and v1.15. Changes made to support new log file format. Minor issue: How does one compute continuous time variabless from discretely sampled data. For example, does the sample time refer to the start of the interval of validity of the data point, or the center time, or ... ? BurstMDC assumes the former; this convention follows the framespec to the best of Keith's knowledge. Otherwise, no issues.
    • Finally, reviewed changes from v1.12 to v1.14 of getgravenlogs.m. Again, changes for new format of log files. Added several fields, changed others. This function is called by genburstmdclog, and it reads in per-IFO logs.
    • The last two functions listed under the code change log for "Code Changes for Release BurstMDC_S5_R3" were not rot reviewed, as they are test functions and not part of the production code. These are test_burstmdc.m and burstmdccheck.m.
    • Possible future checks: Thorne has analysed miscalibrated MDCs for one week in the first year with BlockNormal. cWB and maybe Q have been run on the miscalibrated MDCs for the second year. Can see effects of calibration errors on pipelines.
  5. A.O.B.
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