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Review Committee Meeting Monday September 8 2008 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday September 8 2008 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. Announcements
  2. Update on status of S5 1st Year Burst Search Paper [ HTML ]
  3. Reports from Burst Review Teams
  4. Review of BurstMDC Simulation
    • BurstMDC Bulletin Board [ HTML ]
    • BurstMDC code change log [ HTML ]
    • Web interface to code release BurstMDC_S5_v3 (S5 FirstYear) [ HTML ]
    • Web interface to matapps CVS (S5 Second-Year, diffs) [ web ]
  5. A.O.B.

Contact Info

InterCall telecon service:
   Phone: 1-866-380-5536, participant code: 435 672 9587 #
   International callers ++1-816-249-4731 with same code
   International access numbers (~10 cents/min surcharge for LIGO Lab):
      Paris 017 080 7156 ;
      Lyon 042 603 0036 ;
      Germany toll-free 0800 182 1591 ;
      Berlin 030 726 167 371 ;
      Rome 00645 217 080 ;
      UK toll-free 0808 234 7914 ;
      London 0203 107 0293
   Handy participant command:  Press *6 ["*M"] to mute, #6 to unmute


  1. Announcements
    • News from F2F
      • F2F: Opened zero lag box 3x of Year 2. Only event is equinox event.

        cWB threshold of 6: 33 events/1000 slides (500 yrs) background. (Different thresholds below 200 Hz, above 200 Hz, 4.2 threshold, 19 events/1000 slides background.) Equinox was 6.6. 20 events in 1000 slides above 6.6 background.

        Will examine events below threshold. Second loudest event was dress-rehearsal blind injection, but was not flagged correctly in dQ flags -- end of inspiral was not flagged properly -- was picked up. Probably a typo.

        Closed-box analysis 4x network -- box to be opened on Wed. Planning to use PQ veto. Investigators are isolated from the results of 3x cWB analysis.

        Q-Pipeline analysis. Team of volunteers are isolated from the results of the 3x cWB analysis. Box to be opened in 10 days.

        Lindy has been preparing a document about the equinox event.

      • HF search split between yr1 and yr2. Yr1 has a paper. Review team was assigned to it. Circulate paper to LSC this Friday. Need to hear from the review team. Need to take up the paper in the Review Committee. Brennan will send paper to the review committee.
      • HF search - embarked on yr2 search. Sometime after Amsterdam will bring yr2 to form a focus review team. cWB used for yr2 rather than Q-pipeline. Question about Virgo calibration.
      • Will be a GRB update at LVC meeting.
  2. Update on status of S5 1st Year Burst Search Paper [ HTML ]
    • F2F: First year analysis -- little progress since last time. Unlikely to have a paper presentable to LSC by meeting. Michele will put a week of effort into working on the paper for next week (Monday). Might be comfortable circulating as a first complete draft so that the group can field questions.
  3. Reports from Burst Review Teams
    • Keith Thorne: Report for BlockNormal is nearing completion. Code base has one known bug causing a roll-over of efficiency. Rerun is not requested but checking possible effects. Other than that the code base and analysis have been reviewed carefully with no problems identified.
    • Review teams may need to make individual reports about 1st year paper at LSC meeting unless we can gather reports before hand.
    • For second year search, cWB probably hasn't changed much and the review team is probably up to speed on that. Q-Pipeline has probably changed significantly and the review team will need to work on the 2nd year search.
  4. Review of BurstMDC Simulation
    • BurstMDC code change log [ HTML ].
      • Updated change log.
      • Requested mapping between search and the BurstMDC release version (as well as an idnicator of what we have finished reviewing).
  5. A.O.B.
    • For next week:
      • Reports from teams on 1st year.
      • Statements from teams about work needed for 2nd year, how much is already done?
      • Equinox event checklist - look at next Monday.
      • Report on the HF search review team findings.
      • Consideration of the HF search paper.
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