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Review Committee Meeting Monday May 11 2009 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday May 11 2009 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

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  1. Announcements
  2. A.O.B.

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  1. Announcements
    • Papers are on the 2-week GWIC review period before being submitted to the journals. Fixes:
      • Cosmic string: increase font size in figures.
      • Exclusion diagram for SG was accidentally replaced with figure for the Gaussians. Repair.
      • Add references to various other papers and methods papers.
      • UL methods paper will clear LSC review by Friday, expect it to be posted to arxiv soon after.
      • Low-frequency paper: remake sensitivity curve with June 2006 noise curve rather than the January 2006 noise curve. Consistent with past practices.
      • Do this with the high-frequency paper too if it is to be done.
    • S5 GRB paper: hoping to finish review by Amaldi. Normally the exec meeting is the third Thursday -- a week before Amaldi in June.
    • S5y2/VSR1 reviews making progress. cWB, Omega, EGC reviews are making progress. Skeleton draft exists in CVS, some sections have been drafted. No pressing meeting to have it done by. Would like to have a complete but not final draft by June meeting (first look); final draft with sign-off by September meeting. Want to get it out of the way so concentrate on S6/VSR2.
    • SGR analysis for 2nd year. SGR-QPO analysis. This is after the astrowatch analysis of the new SGR (1.5 kpc) using H2. The analysis of the SGR during astrowatch time will be in the S5y2/VSR1 paper. This will use the Flare pipeline analysis, exactly the same as the unstacked-Flare pipeline analysis. Hopefully a trivial review but should ask Kipp and Richard to meet with Peter to sign off on the analysis.
    • 2006 Vela pulsar glitch analysis (James Clark) will be written around the summer for review. Technical documentation is being written. Review readiness has not been made yet, but in next couple of months (end of June?). Wrote a matlab code that does a Bayesian evidence-based ringdown analysis. Brand new pipeline that has not been looked at before.
  2. A.O.B.
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