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Review Committee Meeting Monday July 27 2009 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday July 27 2009 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. Announcements: future telecon schedule
  2. S5 GRB paper
  3. S5y2/VSR1 Omega calibration tests, status of all pipelines
  4. A.O.B.

Contact Info

Using EVO now


  1. Announcements
    • No telecons for the next 2 Mondays
    • Siong can't make this slot for 6 weeks around October; we'll just have to work around
  2. S5 GRB paper
    • Addresssed as many reviewer comments as feasible, few relatively small and concrete changes remaining.
    • Note for instructions to future reviewers: Structural choices about presentation are very difficult to change this late.
  3. S5y2/VSR1 all-sky searches
    • Brennan does have Omega calibration sim results, putting together detailed presentation on web page. Wide variety of waveforms indicates 1-2% effect on efficience, not yet translated into upper limit effect but should be comparable.
    • Procedure different from CWB systematic estimation? Slightly but very similar.
    • EGC doesn't contribute to upper limit, so don't worry about systematics. (They're still re-processing data.)
    • Paper structure? Not sure if it's finalized yet. Ben: Good to circulate outline early, to avoid major rewrites recommended late in game (see above).
    • Referee on S5y1 paper complained about structure, specifically wanted hi-freq and lo-freq in one paper. We're doing that now! Also technical details were thought a bit much even in appendices. But will be lighter here.
  4. AOB - quick updates
    • Pulsar glitch review readiness pitch to group early August, should come to committee late August.
    • Position reconstruction: Sergey is having EVO trouble, Jonah says: CWB has made lot of passes, plots, everyone's digesting. Omega has made some passes, some issue w/bayesian code and loud injections.
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