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Review Committee Meeting Monday October 5 2009 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday October 5 2009 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. S5y2/VSR1 all-sky analysis reports
    • cWB report
  2. S5y2/VSR1 all-sky paper draft
    • Little stuff
    • Astro interpretation

Contact Info

On EVO use "bersten" to get in, or phone bridge ID 39354 and "6519" to get in.


  1. S5y2/VSR1 all-sky analyses
    • Omega report: Kanner forgot to change "in progress" items to "done" but they are indeed done.
    • cWB report: Sutton will write executive summary for next telecon.
  2. S5y2/VSR1 all-sky paper
    • Non-astro comments: Sutton and Klimenko will sort out many of them between themselves.
    • Supernovae: Waveform is really WNB-like. But WNB vs sG hardly makes difference, check 1st-year paper.
    • Technical problems prevent many people from seeing Sergei's document on isotropic energy and polarizations. He's mailing it, defer. Sounds like he's being careful about not separating iota and efficiency integrations.
    • Owen discusses intrinsic polarization vs detector response. Should write out and mail, go through all polarization language.
    • Klimenko is worried about systematics in Eq.(8.6) from being dominated by low-efficiency stuff. Sutton: fits do kill it fast enough. Will make sure Laura's fits and Amber's integral use same cutoff, though: Owen: Physically won't make difference unless we're dominated by astrophysical background, which is not credible.
    • Klimenko: What is predicted 100Msun BBH rate? Owen: will ask O'Shaughnessy if there is one. Sutton: S5 high-mass paper will have a number, about 1e-7, and compare to us.
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