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Review Committee Meeting Monday October 12 2009 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday October 12 2009 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. S5y2/VSR1 all-sky analysis reports
    • cWB report
  2. S5y2/VSR1 all-sky paper draft
    • Non-astro issues
    • Astro issues

Contact Info

On EVO use "bersten" to get in, or phone bridge ID 39354 and "6519" to get in.


  1. S5y2/VSR1 all-sky analyses
    • CWB report: Sutton did paper instead.
  2. S5y2/VSR1 all-sky paper (not astro)
    • Sutton cut appendices on DQF and vetoes to match level of detail in 1st year paper. Should confirm with those people. And ETG people, their stuff got trimmed. Flagged inconsistent live times, etc. Shawhan did some of those, will follow up others. Klimenko will fix some too.
    • Owen did not want to mandate trim at this late date, but is very glad to see it volunteered.
    • Klimenko: Remaining plot from last week is fixed.
    • Salemi: Does table II EGC really include calibration? Will ask by e-mail.
  3. S5y2/VSR1 all-sky paper (astro)
    • astro interpretation page in the wiki: [twiki]
    • Klimenko runs through his notes to get 1.15 correction factor going from linear polarization to circular (binaries).
    • Owen doesn't like polarization nomenclature. There is an intrinsic property as well as detector response. Has a version basically agreeing w/Klimenko, but 1.15 is isotropic to circular (not linear to circular). It's a familiar factor from early 1990s inspiral literature. Owen's notes: isotropic to linear is 1.08.
    • Owen worries about polarization language used to describe waveforms in paper Section V. Isotropic? Sutton: Not physical, OK. Equations accurately describe what was done, independent of text. Owen: So it's fine, with correction factor, but be careful about language.
    • Owen: Calligraphic R changes meaning in text!
  4. Summary: Everyone needs to read paper carefully again, and check Owen's document which still has the ink wet. Or electrons wet.
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