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Review Committee Meeting Monday November 2 2009 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday November 2 2009 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. S5y2/VSR1 all-sky analyses
  2. S5y2/VSR1 all-sky paper

Contact Info

On EVO use "bersten" to get in, or phone bridge ID 39354 and "6519" to get in.


  1. S5y2/VSR1 all-sky analyses
    • CWB report: Sutton still working on summary, actually found one issue still outstanding, waiting for Yakushin to respond.
    • End times: Sounds like only high-frequency CWB and EGC went beyond end of S5. Not major effect on upper limit. Owen: Have people check top 10 (or whatever) loudest events in Figs 5 and 6 to be sure. Sutton will prod CWB people. Flaminio will prod EGC.
  2. S5y2/VSR1 all-sky paper
    • Astro rates: Stuver and Klimenko are traveling. Owen says bigger correction factor is needed since injections are all optimal iota. Writing notes, should have updated tomorrow.
    • Other: Salemi wants to change Fig.1, which will only show up well in color. He and Shawhan will discuss off-line.
  3. Schedule
    • LSC: Next Exec meeting is Nov 19. Shawhan: Paper draft needs to go to LSC this Friday, Monday at very latest so we can present Execs with statement of no major objections. Cross-checks can still be pending if resolved by Nov 18 or so.
    • Virgo: More flexible. Flaminio: Simultaneously send to Collaboration and VSB, latter appoints 2 readers, will argue for 1 in this case. minimum 2 weeks for feedback after that.
    • So if we really finish this off in a few days, it may pass all hurdles by end of month. Let's give it a go.
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