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Review Committee Meeting Monday November 16 2009 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday November 16 2009 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. Docket
  2. On-line analysis

Contact Info

On EVO use "bersten" to get in, or phone bridge ID 39354 and "6519" to get in.


  1. Docket
    • Pulglitch is not ready for committee yet, PRC is part of this, no others even ready to start. We are clear for the on-line analysis.
    • Reviewers' hands are full, no need to show for box opening Monday.
  2. On-line analysis overview
    • What's our deadline? Virgo is down Jan 8. Need 3-4 weeks running before then, must accumulate significant data but human learning cycle. Still need wide field MoU, calibration update.
    • Resources: 3 Swift pointings up to then, tens of optical telescope pointings.
    • Goal: Don't send them garbage, but rush job is better than none. Code must be sanity checked but also human element and procedures.
    • Human element: Burst group member will be woken up if necessary, have 15-30 minutes to decide to pass trigger. (Not just noisy period, though code checks for that too.)
    • Sanity checks: Hardware injections. Running already a week, but low live time, problem w/one injection, still no LLO updated calibration. Also position reconstruction.
  3. Main body walkthrough
    • h(t): How much do we lose due to wacky on-line calibration? Few percent tops, earlier problems fixed.
    • Data quality flags: All are frozen for this analysis. 1 and 2 are catastrophic. Others are passed on, human can check. Same structure as in all-sky paper, though some new flags came up.
    • Hardware injections: Anecdotally seen some PRCs within 5-10 degrees of true position. Code checks? No one has checked Shawhan's coordinate transformation in injection script. But PRC SW injections are independent. GravEn injects, has been reviewed w/spot checks. Could be off by leap second, we can deal. Still it's important and obvious place to slip, look closely.
  4. cWB walkthrough
    • Wavelet library has changed since review but is in CVS.
    • Online python scripts use it, all are new and need review but are short.
    • Web pages w/aggregated data are generated, but can ignore for trigger decision. Lower review priority.
    • Do review the trigger histogramming process, that's what decides this is crap episode and don't pass triggers. Heuristics are still not settled let alone tested, this must be checked.
    • PRC review by Babak, draft sent to Z Frey, preliminary but look.
  5. Omega walkthrough
    • Been improving efficiency from all-sky, each change reproduces old results of old version. New whitening algorithm (from findchirp) to handle loud injections, spot checks only but it's reused. Overwhitening added. Now clustered based on Sourav's paper, no other review of that.
    • Coherent followup is new. Raffai can review that.
    • PRC tests have confirmed positions and errors for sine-gs, new coherent detection statistic.
    • LUMIN handles flags, posts to web page and e-mails good ones. None reviewed, but it's post-processing, ETGs generate the maps you see. This and Swift have tiling logic, too, needs at least some look.
  6. Summary
    • Make sure we're not handing out garbage (incl artifacts)
    • Get right locations and uncertainties
    • Test handshake w/other instruments (operations manual for human side)
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