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Special Review Meeting Friday November 27 2009 07:00 Pacific / 10:00 Eastern

Minutes: Friday November 27 2009 07:00 Pacific / 10:00 Eastern

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. cWB on-line analysis

Contact Info

On EVO use "bersten" to get in.


  1. Vector space is not real 3D space, but H1L1V1 weight space (defined in S5 1st year paper).
  2. S6 used new "mild" regulator.
  3. Balance and polarization constraints are important to control false alarms, using "random" on this search.
  4. Page 5: "mild" regulator cuts down on non-gaussian tail, so does elliptical polarization if you assume it.
  5. Page 6: regulator does not however kill efficiency.
  6. Page 7: blue FOM includes whole sky map. Zanolin: What's big jump near half degree?
  7. Waveform is reconstructed at best sky location, so location is (sort of) checked first. By reconstructing coherent statistic at each of 200,000 sky locations.
  8. Page 9: Omega-style plot, shows the 26/50 anomaly from before. Low-freq events can be reconstructed on next fringe when main fringe is suppressed by regulator. Worst is low frequencies, about a half.
  9. New code is all reviewed (Babak).
  10. New math is reviewed: "mild" regulator, new constraints.
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