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Review Committee Meeting Monday December 7 2009 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday December 7 2009 08:00 Pacific / 11:00 Eastern

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. Future telecon schedule
  2. All-sky paper
    • Virgo report?
    • Other remaining changes
  3. On-line analysis
    • Where are we
    • What's to be done

Contact Info

On EVO use "bersten" to get in, or phone bridge ID 39354 and "6519" to get in.


  1. Future telecon schedule
    • Next (Dec 14) is off due to LVC meeting. Dec 21 and 28 are on provisionally; remember there's more to life than the on-line analysis.
  2. All-sky paper
    • LIGO issues: Shawhan had reported progress, but isn't here. Not in CVS yet. Owen will follow up, and his own edits.
    • Virgo has reported. Many requests, but they're pretty minor edits and shouldn't be hassle. Will take off-line.
  3. On-line analysis
    • Owen: The deadline is almost upon us. There were a lot of changes very recently (incl Shawhan's hw injection fix this weekend) so we need to see of order a week test running, and it has to be THIS WEEK. Hello: Virgo has requested few days down in there too.
    • Lively discussion ensues. Bottom line, this is not a guaranteed yes, there is a fighting chance if instruments cooperate, but we need the following things too, in no particular order. List is culled from discussions and e-mails, may have dropped one; Owen will check.
      • LUMIN and SwiftP use different nearby galaxy catalogues. How do we check consistency? Event by event comparison of all-sky MDC will take too long, but spot-checking 10-20 events' sky maps at random will probably catch any gross problems. Kanner can do very quickly and will.
      • During S6a KleineWelle was not working properly, so what about the data flags? Not an issue of live test is OK.
      • Do we pass only if cWB AND Omega agree there's a trigger? OR? Only cWB? What if different positions? So far they agree only on injections, not always then. We'll see if Omega rate is OK. A real event could be passed by both. Kanner: LUMIN can be made to send that as 2 sky locations if they disagree. QUEST is happy with that, will ask TAROT. (ROTSE is on hold due to PI conflict of interest.) Kanner should get answer in couple days.
      • Flaminio had pressed control room issue. Kanner has manual on wiki now. Was tested live this weekend at 00:30 on Stuver; LLO status nixed an event. Owen and Flaminio will read new manual/wiki.
      • Flaminio isn't here, but had a lot of questions about Omega position reconstruction by e-mail. Will continue by e-mail. Bottom line is errors depend on waveform morphology and polarization, we are quoting best-case errors. That needs to be discussed but is reasonable if we let everyone know they could be worse.
      • LUMIN displays events out of order, sleepy human (Owen right now) has to work a bit to see cWB and Omega catch the same thing. Kanner will mod to sort on gps time, very quick change.
      • Omega uses one figure of merit, the odds ratio. But cWB has several; fixes others and reports only rho. How to deal? Count on background estimates being directly comparable, modulo details like different timescales.
      • How do we know there's not a coordinate transformation error? HW injections come from Shawhan's scripts, sw from Stuver's GravEn MDC. Owen will also check by hand.
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