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S2 S3 S4 GRB GWB Search Review Summary

GWDAW 11, December 2006

We reviewed the slides [ PDF ]. There are some changes we feel should be made to this presentation. We recommend provisional approval of this presentation pending resolution of the remaining issues identified by the review committee. These issues are:
  1. Correction of definition of hrss.
  2. Correction of energy statement to bring them in line with other presentations.
  3. Checking of definition of SNR and corresponding energy limit.

These items have been resolved in Version 5 of the presentation [ PDF ]. We recommend final approval of this presentation.

Texas Symposium, December 2006

We reviewed the slide [ PPT ]. We recommend approval of this slide for presentation. (The speaker should be aware of the different meanings of "sensitivty" energies that appear on this slide.)

LSC November Meeting 2006

Current version "final draft" of paper [ PDF ].


Recommendation: approve for submission pending (i) resolution of items above (ii) resolution of comments received on this final draft. Caveat: we have not looked at the population constraint section in as much detail yet. If substantial changes are made we may request another draft be sent to LSC.

LSC August Meeting 2006

We have looked at the draft paper [ PDF ]. We made several comments on the text. Outstanding tasks:

APS April Meeting 2006

We have reviewed the slides [ PDF ]. We recommend approval of this presentation but we would like to consider the energetics statements further. Unresolved issues:

Prior to the March LSC Meeting 2006 we reviewed these slides [ PDF ]. Here was the review summary at that time:

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