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Use of the code

bash-3.00$ ./lalapps_StringSearch -h
All arguments are required except -n, -h, -w, -g, -o, -x, -y, -z, -b, -r -a, -l, -p, -T  and -i. One of -k or -c must be specified. They are:
        --bw-flow (-f)          FLOAT    Low frequency cut-off.
        --sample-rate (-s)              FLOAT    Desired sample rate (Hz).
        --bank-lowest-hifreq-cutoff (-H)        FLOAT    Template bank lowest high frequency cut-off.
        --bank-freq-start (-L)  FLOAT    Template bank low frequency cut-off.
        --threshold (-t)                FLOAT    SNR threshold.
        --frame-cache (-F)              STRING   Name of frame cache file.
        --channel-name (-C)             STRING   Name of channel.
        --injection-file (-i)           STRING   Name of xml injection file.
        --outfile (-o)          STRING   Name of xml output file.
        --gps-start-time (-S)           INTEGER  GPS start time.
        --gps-end-time (-E)             INTEGER  GPS end time.
        --settling-time (-T)            INTEGER  Number of seconds to truncate filter.
        --trig-start-time (-g)          INTEGER  GPS start time of triggers to consider.
        --pad (-p)              INTEGER  Pad the data with these many seconds at beginning and end.
        --short-segment-duration (-d)           INTEGER  Duration of shor segments. They will overlap by 50%.
        --kink-search (-k)              FLAG     Specifies a search for string kinks.
        --cusp-search (-c)              FLAG     Specifies a search for string cusps.
        --test-gaussian-data (-n)       FLAG     Use unit variance fake gaussian noise.
        --test-white-spectrum (-w)      FLAG     Use constant white noise (used only in combination with fake gaussian noise; otherwise ignored).
        --cluster-events (-l)   REAL4    Cluster events with input timescale.
        --print-spectrum (-a)   FLAG     Prints the spectrum to Spectrum.txt.
        --print-fd-filter (-b)  FLAG     Prints the frequency domain filter to Filter-