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S4 LIGO-GEO Burst Review Committee Meeting Wednesday 16 April 2008 10:00 Eastern

Agenda and minutes of the weekly LIGO-GEO S4 Bursts Review telecon, held Wednesdays at 10:00 Eastern time.

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. Status of the paper. [ most recent version 1.27 / April 09 ]
    • Katsavounidis's comments on LSC release version, Revision 1.22 / 1.28 CVS (Mar 12) [ TEXT ]
    • Heng's latest status report (April 15) [ TEXT ]
  2. Discussion of further checks/tests.
    1. Factor of 2 discrepancy between predicted and measured hrss50% points for cWB.
      [ Figure 8 with predictions (PDF) ]
    2. Look at injections for one of the loudest injection scales. Missed injections should be those with lowest antenna response factors.
  3. Discussion of proposed timeline for completion of review
    • Mon Apr 28: Authors present final version of paper to LIGO-GEO review committee.
    • Mon May 05: LIGO-GEO review committee gives all-clear; presents paper and review report to burst review committee.
    • Mon May 12: burst review committee gives all-clear; paper sent to ExecComm.
    • Thu May 15: present to ExecComm
  4. A.O.B.

Contact Info

  InterCall telecon service:

    USA (toll-free): 1-866-616-1738
    UK (toll-free): 0800 073 8914
    Italy (toll-free): 800-906-494
    Germany (toll-free): 0800-1014-907

    participant code: 251 288 9495#


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