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S4 LIGO-Only Untriggered Review Summary

Executive Committee Meeting 15 February 2006

Current version of paper [ PDF ]. Remaining issues: Recommendation: approve for submission pending the resolution of items above.

LSC November Meeting 2006

Current version "final draft" of paper [ PDF ]. Checklist: Recommendation: approve for submission pending (i) resolution of items above (ii) resolution of comments received on this final draft.

August LSC Meeting 2006

We have looked at the draft paper [ PDF ]. We made several comments on the text. Outstanding tasks:

APS April Meeting 2006

We reviewed the slides [ PDF ]. The results are the same as the results presented at GWDAW so no further review is needed.

Prior to the March LSC Meeting 2006 there was discussion about presenting the final S4 results. At that time the version of the presentation was [ PDF ]. Here was the review summary at that time:

GWDAW 10 Presentation Summary

We reviewed the slides [ PDF ]. See minutes for details. Validations of Search:

Summary: we are comfortable with the material in the presentation. A few minor issues should be addressed. We will look over final slides.

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