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S5 BurstMDC Code Changes

Code Releases

There have been a few release for BurstMDC code for S5 production. The BurstMDC code is maintained in the lscsoft CVS.

Release BurstMDC_S5_V3

This is the code currently under BurstGroup review, that was used for the initial MDC sets for the first-five-month results. The BurstMDC_S5_V3 source code can be viewed in web-page format

Release BurstMDC_S5_R2

This release in mid-2007 was mainly to correct the erroneous co-declination randomization. Other changes were added to better handle the very large BurstMDC log files need to cover the two-year operation of S5. All the S5 MDC sets were re-generated using this code.

Release BurstMDC_S5_R3

This release in April, 2008 implements optional mis-calibration, more precise waveform delay using FFTs to support high-frequency searches, and additional log file information.

Release BurstMDC_S5_R4

This release in June, 2008 implemented randomization changes to support the ExtTrig MDC derived from this. Fields in the output log file were swapped to satisfy waveburst compatibility requirements. The waveform delay function was modified to be more robust. It has so far been used for the mis-calibration MDC sets and second-year MDC sets.

Code Changes for Release BurstMDC_S5_R2

These include the co-declination correction, support for external angle specification for ExtTrig work, and large log file handling.

New routines

Changed routines

Code Changes for Release BurstMDC_S5_R3

This includes the new mis-calibration option, improved waveform delays and log file improvements

New routines

Changed routines

Code Changes for Release BurstMDC_S5_R4

This includes randomization and log file changes

Changed routines

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