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S5 Qpipeline High-Frequency Review Telecon 10th of July 2008 11:00 Eastern

Agenda and minutes of the S5 Qpipeline High-Frequency Review Telecon for Thursday the 10th of July at 11:00 Eastern time.

Agenda and Contact Info


  1. Review of HFS draft
    • Links:
    • Action items from last week:
      • Brennan makes the proposed changes
      • check whether S5 DQ flags and vetoes will be reviewed
      • astro-waveforms need to be scaled and will be reported at next week's telecon
      • Matt will check post-processing scripts and have them ready by next week
    • Updated draft
  2. AOB

Contact Info

  InterCall telecon service:

    USA (toll-free): 1-866-616-1738
    UK (toll-free): 0800 073 8914
    Italy (toll-free): 800-906-494
    Germany (toll-free): 0800-1014-907

    participant code: 251 288 9495#


Minutes by Jonah

Begin 11:03 am eastern

Siong starts with last week action items
     Brennan HAS updated draft
     We still do not know if anyone has reviewed DQ flags
Michele:  Has been looking into range scaling astro-waveforms.
This work is ongoing.  There is 10% uncertainty.
Default hrss was at 10 kPc, but this was rescaled so
injected waveform was hrss = 2.5e-21.  This should 
be double checked, and then we can convert.  
Distance can be scaled (1/r), but mass cannont.
May have final answer next week.

Siong:  Great!  That's the last piece of the 
paper that's still missing.

Brennan:  Some of the plots need to be
modified to correct for systematic uncertainty.

Siong:  Ok, but the only plot that will change
is the upper limit curve?

Brennan:  I think on the efficiency plots
this should be included as well as error
bars.  Some of the text could change as well.

Siong:  That's relatively minor, no?

Brennan:  Yes. 

Siong:  Next action item is Matt checking post.
proc. scripts.

Matt:  I'm still working through brennan's web
page.  I'm checking things are ok.  Hopefully by 
next week I can have some things checked off and 
say,"yeah, this is giving me the output i expect."

Siong:  Have you run into anything suspicious

Matt:  There is an extra segment - a zero
length segment w/ same start and end time.

Brennan:  One of my scripts has a little 
bug.  I decided it wouldn't effect anything.

Matt:  Agreed.

Siong:  The next item is about the draft.
I noted most of the proposed changes have
been made.  A few quick comments:

- Eq. 4 about the null stream: i was wondering 
if that's necessary, since we don't use the null

Brennan:  That's a good idea.

- Fig. 8 is no longer referenced 
in the text.

-  Is it necessary to have that
plot in?  Its a nice check, 
but I don't know if we need it
in the paper.

Brennan:  Maybe....I think its
important to give some indication
that we have good timing resolution.

Siong:  I have no strong 
feeling about this.  It 
seems extraneous for a 
results paper

Brennan:  Given that we 
have too many figures, that
might make stylistic sense.  That
can PROBABLY be taken out.  I should 
talk to Erik.  

Siong:  Let's flag that, and come back to it 
next week.

Jonah explains timing distribution check

Siong:  Let's not make too much of it.

Jonah:  Agreed.

Brennan:  I can do that.  It should be 
fairly quick. 

Meeting adjourns 11:35 am Eastern time

Action items

*Think about taking out 
the timing resolution plot (talk to Erik)

*Brennan:  Make timing
distribution plot.

*Matt: Continue on Post.Proc. 

*Reviewers: Read the draft.

*Brennan:  Add acknowledgements
section to paper


Brennan Hughley, Jonnah Kanner, Matt Pitkin, Michele Zanolin, Ik Siong Heng