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S5 Qpipeline High-Frequency Review Telecon 18th of November 2008 10:00 Eastern

Agenda and minutes of the S5 Qpipeline High-Frequency Review Telecon for Tuesday the 18th of November at 10:00 Eastern time.

Agenda and Contact Info


Action items
  1. Review document
  2. AOB

Contact Info

  InterCall telecon service:

    USA (toll-free): 1-866-616-1738
    UK (toll-free): 0800 073 8914
    Italy (toll-free): 800-906-494
    Germany (toll-free): 0800-1014-907

    participant code: 251 288 9495#


by Matt
Nov 25, 2008

Attendence:  Matt, Jonah, Brennan

Review document discussion

Jonah - Section I - E - comment Q /is/ a maximum.

Brennan - will fill in ... in section E.

Jonah - in S5 low frequency search they quote they UL in the abstract - we
should try and keep the style parallel to that search, so we may want to put
limit in there.

Brennan - not convinced we should start trying to parallelise them too much yet
as low freq search paper is quite inconsistent - but nothing wrong with putting
limit in abstract

Matt - yep limit in abstract would be nice for people who just look at abstract
and conclusion of papers

Jonah - should we add links to our own review website in the paper.

Matt - It would be nice, but we have to be careful in linking to our own
websites as they can be transient and disappear with time (could put them in
CVS), but for the moment it should be ok

Brennan - Section II - C -explain difference in cat 2 and 3 flags

Jonah - II E - some discussion of false alarm rate, and how this didn't mater
as much as this was a detection only search.

Jonah - II F - add a couple of sentences on history of how waveforms have

Jonah - eq 13 should N_a scale with sqrt(T) rather than T as seems to be the
case from eq 12

Brennan - looking into R0 issue highlighted by Siong (see email conversation) -
negative values could be attributed to some minor bug in CorrPower, but doesn't
effect our observable - so isn't big deal for us.

Jonah - would like to understand it a bit better - doesn't R0 go into the gamma
calculation somewhere?

Brennan - it could be R0 that goes into calculation, but it's more likely to by
the r values from a couple of bins off from 0.

Jonah - agree that there's strong evidence that this doesn't effect analysis
(but still a bit irksome) - it could have been in code for a long time, but
has never been seen in the parameter ranges that have been used before. Have you
looked into CorrPower code?

Brennan - Have delved into it a a fair bit, but could do a little more

Brennan - around 4kHz some R0 values start to go negative, and by 5kHz pretty
much all values are negative. May be a filtering issue.

Jonah - is it possible filter aren't the same and could be introducing some
phase delay?

Brennan - maybe. current best made up guess is that they are a sample or two
off. Shouldn't be any different treatment for different IFOs, so don't see why
they'd be filtered (or have anything else) done differently.

Brennan - get negatives in H1/H2 R0 value if you include L1, but not if you
don't include L1! Weird!

Jonah - That's very weird. I think we should find the cause of this.

Brennan - I'll try and track this down. Will let people know what I find.


10:52 am EST