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Data Quality flag checks

After cat 1 DQ flags

An unexpected split in one of the segments after Cat1 DQ flags are applied as found. The segment was split to reduce the computation time but was not documented. The DQ webpage now documents this

Below is an email exchange I had with Brennan about this

Hi Brennan,

I've been having a look at the DQ stuff and have spotted something
strange. I repeated the instructions on your page, using the link you
point to, ie:

awk '$3<847729612&&$3-$2>20{print $2,$3}' S5-H1H2L1_cat1.txt > tmp.txt

The input file is the one you've linked to in high-frequency website. I
renamed the output file so that I can compare it with what you've
obtained. Now, I do

diff S5-H1H2L1_cat1segs.txt tmp.txt

< 819490559 819515559
< 819515560 819542266
> 819490559 819542266

There seems to be 1 extra second cut out of your segment list for some
reason. I've checked this using a separate Matlab script and also tried
using different version 5 of the Cat 1 list that Laura posted
(which, I think should be the same as the v3 version you link to).

Any ideas?

Hi Siong,

I believe this single segment was split up into two manually because
it was by far the longest segment and it took forever to wait for it to
finish running, substantially slowing down the entire process.  Sorry that
wasn't documented.  I didn't think about losing a second and I should have
added some overlap anyway.  I can run a short segment at the time of the
break if you're worried about it.


After cat 2 DQ flags

I checked that the segments in /archive/home/bhughey/noise_S5firstyearfinal/dqsegsv2.3/S5-H1H2L1_cat2segs.txt corresponds to those in , which it does. I did notice that both segment lists have times past GPS second 847729612.

After cat 3 DQ flags

I have checked that use the same DQ flags as those stated in paper and documentation. The workings of this script was checked by Matt and he found it to be working properly.


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