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Minutes of 2008-Jan-09 S5 QPipeline Review Teleconference


Shourov Chatterji, Jonah Kanner, Isabel Leonor, Dave Reitze

Minutes by Dave Reitze.


Shourov will post minutes from the prior meetings on the web site.

Shourov: what is the status of the high frequency search?  Jolien was supposed
to get together with Dave?

Dave: will talk to Jolien and find out what is supposed to happen.

Continuing with the Q-review:

Shourov: have started to modify the web page based on last week's call.  Still
working on it.

Let's start with H1H2 veto tuning.  On new page, shows a number of different
cases and analyzes them in terms of H1H2 signal, H1H2 null, and consistent (=
those tiles not taken out by null stream overlapping signal tiles)

Red highlighted rows are artifacts and glitches.  Green highlighted rows are
software injections.  Clicking on individual plots gives event display and
Qspectrograms.  Shourov walks us through different cases.

Isabel: have you looked at detection efficiency studies with the simulated
injections?  Important to take into this account, especially needed for
calibration uncertainties.

Jonah: You said that the coherent energy + null energy has to be better than
null + 5%. Is that a good choice? Seems like a very permissive threshold.

Shourov: the reason for this has to do with H2.  Not always working at full
sensitivity.  This threshold requires that H2 makes a non-negligible
contribution to the coherent H1H2 SNR, which will discard H1 only events when H2
is performing poorly.

Dave and Shourov: A white burst seen at the end of the inspiral
injections. Shourov thinks it's a problem with the inspiral to ADC conversion.

Dave: How to do consistency checks between H and L?  No way to form a null
stream from H and L.

Shourov: Plan on doing time-frequency coincidence between H and L.

Telecon ends at 2:45 pm EST.

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