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Minutes of 2008-Jan-24 S5 QPipeline Review Teleconference


Shourov Chatterji, Jonah Kanner, Erik Katsavounidis, Isabel Leonor, Dave Reitze

Minutes by Jonah Kanner.


Shourov goes through his timeline.

*  Code review needs to be finished by March meeting - should be no problem:  Isabel

-  Start with H1H2 analysis trigger production
  *w and w/o null and coherent cuts

-  trigger production for sine-gausian playground is done

-  Dave:  Is this timeline too ambitious?  Can the box really
be open by march LSC meeting??

-  Erik and Shourov:  yes, it seems ok

Shourov describes H1H2 zero and non-zero lag playground analysis.

- Consider distributions on playground day of H1H2 coherent stream

- Cut: difference between coherent energy and incoherent energy has to be
  greater than some threshold.  This cut helps get rid of potentially loud
  events on days where H2 is especially bad

- Erik: There could be more time lags on the playground day

- Shourov: Yes, I plan to do more - about a 100

- Isabel: Are the red and green curves overlapping?

- Shourov: Yes, though sometimes they may not be the same events

- Jonah: In h1h2 distributions, why does zero-lag look so MUCH like background

- Shourov: The increased rate of coincident glitches is burried in large number
  of single detector glitches, which show up

- Shourov: After all cuts, a coincident h1h2 glitch shows up in zero-lag that
  gets through cuts.  In fact, foreground seems to be statistically more than
  background after all cuts

Shourov describes H1H2 loudest zero lag playground events.

- Some of the loud events look consistent, but no vetos have been applied

Shourov: hope to have full MDCs done for next week

Isabel: is there a single IFO cut?

Shourov: no, but the coherent improvement cut should serve the same purpose

Action Items

Dave: Shourov should post the minutes from previous meetings on the QPipeline review web pages.

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