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Minutes of 2008-Oct-03 S5 QPipeline Review Teleconference


Shourov Chatterji, Jonah Kanner, Isabel Leonor, Dave Reitze

Minutes by Isabel Leonor.




(We started a bit late, at 12:25 PM PDT.)

* Shourov:  No report today, but in a position to make progress.
            Documentation for Omega-Pipeline 2nd-year search better than that
            for 1st-year search.  Can make copy of wiki documentation
            appropriate for 1st-year search.  

  Shourov gave the following link to the wiki page:

  The documentation that would be similar for the 1st-year search are, e.g, the
  search parameters, what it means to be in coincidence, null stream.

* Dave: Target goal for finishing review document is Nov. 1.

  We went through the list of action items, which can be found at the bottom
  of this page:

  # Table of loudest events:  Still to be done.
  # QPipeline-only upper limits:  Dave has finished this and has circulated the
  # H1H2 cohirent transform documentation:  Not in wiki.  Isabel still has to do
  # Verification of shell scripts:  Jonah has made some progress on this.  He
      has been involved in year 2 trigger generation and has used one of the
      scripts.  There are other scripts to be tested, and a lot more to do.
  # Way to do H1H2L1 efficiency estimate:  Not yet done.
  # Add Laura's link:  This has been done.
  # Plots requested by Isabel:  Not yet done.  Shourov says this will be a
      little involved.
  # Calibration uncertainties:  Simulations with calibration uncertainties
      included are available.  Shourov just needs to run the code on these.
      Jonah also requests study comparing results with null stream turned
      on and off.
  # Plot statistics in terms of event number:  Not yet done.

* Shourov will let us know when he is available for next week's telecon.

Action Items

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