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S5 Q-Pipeline Review Summary

GWDAW 11, December 2006

We reviewed the slides [ PDF, PPT ]. There are some changes that we will require to this presentaion prior to final approval. We recommend provisional approval of this presentation pending resolution of the remaining issues identified by the review committee and the removal of some material we feel is unsuitable These issues are:
  1. S4 zero-lag data is used as playground. We do not feel this is appropriate for presentation. It has not been reviewed.
  2. Efficiency curves have not yet been reviewed. They need to be approved or removed.
  3. Visual indication that results are for timeshifted data needs to be made.
  4. Clearer visual indication that a event is a hardware injection needs to be made.

Peter Shawhan has made the following changes to the presentation on Shourov's behalf:

  1. "Work in progress; H2 data time-shifted relative to H1" label was added to Slide 9.
  2. Plot showing S4 on-source trigger rates was removed from Slide 11.
  3. "Example efficiency curves" label was added to Slide 13.
These changes are in Version 2 of the presentation [ PDF, PPT ]. We recommend final approval of this presentation.

Note: this presentation contains material labeled "work in progress". It is unclear whether this material is to approved for dissemination at GWDAW only.

Material labelled "work in progress" was approved by the LSC executive committee for presentation only at GWDAW 11 [ PDF, PPT ]. An public version with "work in progress" removed has been posted on the LSC presentations page [ PDF, PPT ]. No proceedings article was written for this presentation.

APS April Meeting 2006

We have reviewed the slides [ PDF ]. We recommend approval of this presentation subject to some minor modifications, detailed below.

Shourov has summarized the comments that he has received from us and others.

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