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X-Pipeline Review Meeting Monday 18 February 2008 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday 18 February 2008 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

  1. We walked through the presentation [ PDF ] up to Page 9.
  2. Q. Why just first 18 months up to VSR1? Why not entire S5 run? Extra 50 GRBs.... A. Various issues, some political. Not clear how to coordinate with Virgo's GRB search. Want to finish the LIGO-only bit first then see how to combine. Q. Is this to be a per-GRB-only search or is there to be some population study? A. This bit is per-GRB but hoping that Soumya will do a population investigation eventually. Issue about whether to include VSR1-era data should be resolved if there is a population study intended.
  3. Q. What about GRBs in singles time? A. Around 15 or 20 of these... could do them in principle but not clear how LSC would feel about this. At the moment, just doing the most basic things.
  4. Goal is to set 90% hrss ULs (and equiv characteristic energies) based on Q9 SGs at 150 Hz and 1000 Hz, as well as results for 1.4-1.4 and 1.4-10 inspirals (as in the 070201 paper). Follow-up any result with P(FA) < 5% with the Detection Pipeline.
  5. Code is copiled Matlab. Q-Pipeline conditioning. Coherent data combinations. Excess-power with TFClusters clustering.
  6. Discussion of coincidence with injections. Don't like the proposed way of doing this. Rather see injections handled the same as the data all the way through the pipeline, then selected at the end. This is impractical for data handling. So apply a very wide cut at early stage, keeping all triggers within, say, a second of an injection.
  7. Next meeting in two weeks.
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