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X-Pipeline Review Meeting Monday 3 March 2008 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday 3 March 2008 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

  1. We finished the presentation [ PDF ].
  2. We discussed the on-source interval. Should it be 180 s (traditional) or consider extending it to 240 s. Leave this as an open question. See no scientific reason to extend the interval ... traditional interval was long enough (perhaps too long?) and it is traditional....
  3. We discussed issue about whether to do injections on-source or off-source. Jolien thinks that we'll need off-source injections. Should be possible to do both. Also want injections in time-shifted off-source.
  4. We discussed H1 and H2 slides. Worried that doing such slides might give a more precise but less accurate background estimate. Not clear what advantage would be gained.
  5. Patrick will do histograms of H1-H2 time-slid and not-time-slid background estimates and compare.
  6. We went through the presentation "Notes on Coherent Analysis Techniques in GWB Searches" [ PDF ] to Page 11.
  7. Question about factor of N in Eq. (3). It looks OK....
  8. Equation (11) has a typo.
  9. Jolien is concerned about the derivation of the optimal statistic. Involves inverting possibly singular matrix F to get maximum likelihood estimator of h. But don't actually need this to obtain optimal statistic. A. We'll see that the optimal statistic is well-defined
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