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X-Pipeline Review Meeting Monday 21 April 2008 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday 21 April 2008 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

  1. We continued to read an updated technical report [ PDF ].
    • Worries about loud signals biasing conditioning.
      • Test: Identify GPS times with loud glitches, and see what happens around those times.
      • Test: White noise. Add simulated signals with large amplitude to see effect on LPF.
    • Resampling: worry that violin modes above 2kHz get aliased down to ~2048Hz due to insufficient antialising filter. X-Pipeline only searches up to 1792Hz so this is probably not a problem for this analysis.
    • High-Pass Filtering: 6th order Butterworth. Xavi finds Matlab Butterworth filters to be unstable at high orders. Tricks used in LAL to make them work. X-Pipeline uses modified Butterworth filter functions written by Shourov that do the same thing as in LAL.
    • Generalized clusering is not used. Violin modes cut inspirals into 2 events.
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