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X-Pipeline Review Meeting Monday 28 April 2008 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

Minutes: Monday 28 April 2008 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

  1. We continued to read an updated technical report [ PDF ].
    • NC chisq distribution. Worry about factor of N. Disagrees with EP paper. Seems OK: different definition of power spectrum.
    • E_+ is used. What about E_SL? For LIGO the x power is orders of magnitude down. For LIGO-Virgo might need to reconsider. Note: for LIGO, only places that x is significant is where overall sensitivity is low!
    • Document should have a picture of the way the data is segmented/overlapped.
    • 1% black pixel probability? What sets this? Should it be a fixed level rather than a fixed rank (so that a transient does not mask a signal)?
    • Rather than doing many time resolution maps and then do some ad-hoc choice of clusters, why not overresolve and make a single TF map? TFClustering algorithm should be smart enough to handle this effectively.
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