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X-Pipeline Review Meeting Monday 19 May 2008 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

Agenda: Monday 19 May 2008 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

Patrick's proposal for reviewing:

First, I need to deliver to you the complete, polished technical document T080088.  This should take me a couple of days ...  The last few things needed are the section on the example GRB 030811, some edits to the tuning and upper limits section to reflect recent improvements to the post-processing, and some general polishing of text and figures.

Once you've got the technical document, you'll need a little more time to study it carefully.  Once you've done that, you should have you a very clear idea of what the code does, and we'll be ready for the walk-through.


For the code walk-through, I propose using m2html to set up web pages similar to this Keith has used for the BurstMDC review.  (The X-Pipeline trac is very good for looking at code, but it does not supply clickable link to matlab functions within other functions the way m2html does.)

The obvious order is to follow the technical document.  We would do the core matlab functions first:


We would then study the codes that set up the matlab jobs, and that do the post processing:

Of course, there are lots of other functions called by these, and I'm sure you'll want to look at them too.  These just seem to be the obvious place to start.

(iii) TESTS

The code review will undoubtedly turn up some issues or dodgy looking codes that you'll want tested.  (We've had a few suggestions already.)  Gareth and I will try to do these as they arise, so that when we finish the code walk-though most of the the tests are already done.


We'll want to study the results of the ~100 GRBs analysed by X-Pipeline.  (We will probably have already looked at a few GRBs in parallel with the code walk-though, to help understand better what the code is doing.)  This will probably turn up more questions and requests for tests.

(Gareth has the S5 report page already set up.)


I expect that (i)--(iv) will lead to requests for changes and bug fixes.  We'll need to re-check any codes that have been changed, and the new results they produce.

If this sounds good, I could put this info into a review summary page in the CVS, and get cracking on setting up the m2html pages, etc.

Start code walk-through

  1. X-pipeline Wiki [ HTML ]
  2. Trunk SVN [ HTML ]
  3. Keith suggested directory reorganization for private functions. Dependency checks.
  4. xdetection.m:
    • Defaults exist for all args. Is this a good idea?
    • Line 97 - jobstr2num: could be replaced with strassign? Perhaps not worth changing since some conventions would be different.
    • Convention: "0" and "1" is used rather than "true" and "false".
    • Line 122: obsolete.
    • Line 167: spurious comma?
    • Verifying parameters and sanity checks. E.g., make sure that str2num returns a number (not empty). Perhaps pack params into a struct to check?
    • display vs. error vs. warning vs. fprintf.
    • Got to line 257.
    • Need to review jobstr2num.
$Id: minutes-2008-05-19.html,v 1.1 2008/05/19 18:14:23 jolien Exp $