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X-Pipeline Review Meeting Monday 04 Aug 2008 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

Agenda: Monday 04 Aug 2008 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

  1. Updates on reviewers' analyses of GRBs.
    • Instructions and suggested GRB assignments: [ text ].
  2. Code walk-through: m2html documentation for revision 2301 [ web ]


Attendance: Patrick, Gareth, Antony, Keith
  1. Keith: Much improved version of resample has been used in CorrPower, helps removing violin modes
  2. Looking at plots on the xcondition tests notebook page
  3. Known issue with PSD scaling with whiteningTime, this does not affect coherent analysis
  4. Continue code review at line 277 of xcondition.m
  5. Use LPEF coefficients to estimate PSD (see line 521), other methods can be seen in commented text
  6. In production GRB run we use trainingMode='search'. Line 391 show LPEF training for trainingMode='veto', and 'frankenveto', not used in production run and is designed for follow up searches where we don't want to train LPEF on candidate event we are following up.
  7. Error at xcondition line 532, we should be passing in only subset of autoCorrelation function that was used to train the LPEF on line 464. Line 534 may also need adjusting.
  8. We will continue next week at line 574.
  9. To-do list
    • We should investigate the improved resample function used in CorrPower
    • On the notebook page:
      • Zoom in auto correlation plots to see structure around t=0
      • Add sigmoids for Gaussian dist on distribution of conditioned data plots
      • Figure out normalization issue with likelihood distribution plots
    • Fix bug in xcondition line 532, should only pass in subset of autoCorrelation
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