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X-Pipeline Review Meeting Monday 03 Nov 2008 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

Agenda: Monday 03 Nov 2008 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

  1. Data quality flags and detector combinations:
    • S5 pre-Virgo
    • S5-VSR1
    • Executive summary:
        person      #  grb_lists          ini_files
        -------    --  -----------        ------------
        Tiffany    16  grbs_H1H2L1V1.txt  grb_rerun_4det3site.ini
        Laura       2  grbs_H1L1V1.txt    grb_rerun_3det3site.ini
        Gareth     66  grbs_H1H2L1.txt    grb_rerun_3det2site.ini
        Peter       5  grbs_H1H2V1.txt    grb_rerun_3det2site.ini
        Patrick     4  grbs_H1L1.txt      grb_rerun_2det2site.ini
                    1  grbs_H1V1.txt
                    3  grbs_H2L1.txt
                    4  grbs_L1V1.txt
        Mark       36  grbs_H1H2.txt      grb_rerun_2det1site.ini
  2. Code review: At line 527 of xtimefrequencymap.
    • Note on converting to dominant polarization frame: png


Attendance: Patrick, Gareth, Jolien
  1. DQ flags and detector combinations
    • Total number is 137 GRBs -- all with 2+ detectors in coincidence and had known sky position.
    • Only 3 got killed completely because of a cat2 DQ flag. 3 or 4 got reduced from triple to double or quadrupole to triple or double.
    • Actually, 4 dead, 1 downgraded pre-Virgo.
    • Require: (i) 0s of cat1 flags in -128s -- +128s window around GRB time; (ii) less than 9s (5%) deadtime from cat2 in -120s -- +60s window around GRB time; (iii) 0s deadtime from cat2 in -5s -- +1s window around GRB time.
    • Off source: same network combination. Apply same requirements. Off source efficiency?
    • Need to take discussion of efficiency off-line. Jolien wants injections into off-source. Patrick doesn't like this approach.
  2. Code review: At line 527 of xtimefrequencymap.
    • Line 540: why is the data windowed? Is this optimal?
    • Line 544: was offsetFraction specifically checked to be a power of two?
    • Lines 541-559 is tricky but seems correct.
    • Note: spectrograms don't include negative frequencies. Only part of a one-sided spectrum. But they are not used.
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