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X-Pipeline Review Meeting Monday 9 March 2009 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

Agenda: Monday 9 March 2009 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

  1. Paper draft (dcc).
  2. Paper draft (lscdocs).
  3. Code review: Currently at line 1451 of xmakegrbwebpage.
  4. Link to utilities dir.
  5. Link to gjones/xreview dir.


Attendance: Patrick, Gareth, Xavier, Jolien
  1. Paper draft (dcc).
    • Hooray.
    • Follow-up of top 5 candidates: should there be a tabular summary? Conflicting advice. We should look at follow ups to see.
    • Isabel's cumulative histogram of p_local... funny artifact where p_local is around 1. Need to look at this before deciding whether it should be included.
    • Choice of 50 Mpc? Read section VI and comment....
    • Suggestion: in the table add a marker with a reference to a footnote for those events followed-up and put the result of the follow-up in the footnotes.
    • X-Pipeline section seems a bit brief: would like to make sure that the section is reasonably complete description of what was done.
    • We like the fact that there is a table with the results.
    • How to deal with circulating draft to the LSC... not sure....
  2. Paper draft (lscdocs).
    • Ibid.
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