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S5yr2/VSR1 Coherent Waveburst Review - Action Items

What needs to be reviewed

Review of new and modified codes (mostly for HFS)
Walk-through of all results pages.
Data quality and segment checks. Check livetimes -- we've analysed all the data we intended to analyse, and the correct flags have been applied.
Double-check use of 2 weeks of data accidentally included in the first-year search (low frequency analysis only).
Calibration tests: check the Trento study results and see if we need anything further.
Loud event follow-ups (background, assuming no more zero-lag events turn up).
Loud missed injection follow-ups.
Analysis results checks: consistency of tuning and UL results (background distributions of rate vs. threshold).
Auto-correlation plots.
PJS collected a list of possible review items. These should be done for both the low- and high-frequency searches, were applicable.

List of Action Items

  1. (IY) Some entries on Igor's second-year page need to be updated.
  2. (IY) All results web pages need to have links to zero-lag events.
  3. (IY) Igor to post files for LFS MDC runs in format requested for making combined upper limits.
  4. (IY) Produce tables of found/missed injections for each network combination.
  5. (IY) Circulate links to pages with more info on simulations performed.
  6. (IY) Make sure all results pages are updated to include CED follow-ups for loud background events (already done for H1H2L1, perhaps some others).
  7. (IY,FS) All input files (e.g., segment lists) need to be archived in a CVS and linked from the review page.
    IN PROGRESS. Francesco has put post-processing scripts in a git archive, added a link to the top of the HFS Code Review page. He has also started replacing other link to input files on the wiki with links to git archive. For the LFS, Igor thinks most are archived, but will check if any are missing.
    DONE? Segment lists provided for both LFS and HFS?
  8. (IY) LFS segments page: Section below "Final category 1,2,3 ..." is not up-to-date. E.g., some links point to year-1 files. IY to update.
  9. (IY) Post link to zero-lag playground analysis page for H1H2 on his second-year page.
  10. (IY) Seem to be too many -1s in the WNB -1/0/1 injection file, considering the >50% duty cycle, even ignoring 4X times. Double-check this file.
  11. (PJS) Check formula for damped sinusoids.
  12. (PJS) Check segment list production.
  13. DONE (PJS) Examine HFS resampling code and tests page more carefully offline.
  14. DONE (GV,PJS): Examine impulse response of the HFS resampling.
  15. (PJS) Check with MZ about IY's post-proc scripts -- were they reviewed for year-1?
  16. (RG) Look at loud missed injection and loud background triggers for the various network combinations.
  17. (all) Check exclusion procedure for LFS (when we get that far). Really only important for zero-lag triggers.
  18. (all) 2009/02/17 call: FS: Need to re-calculate the livetime after vetoing to get the correct rate vs. time. PJS: Is this the right procedure? Can count vetoes as loss of livetime or loss of efficiency; must make sure the two calculations are consistent. Check on consistency of veto handling.
  19. (Reviewers) Read HFS LagLoop.C more carefully offline (~300 lines).
  20. (Reviewers) Read HFS ApplyVeto9.C more carefully offline.
  21. (Reviewers) Examine netplot.C -- Reviewers should look at it again offline.
  22. (Reviewers) Examine simplot.C -- Reviewers should look at it again offline.
  23. (Reviewers) Run sample cWB jobs.
  24. DONE (FS) From 2009/02/17 call: check if the code being displayed (with apparent bugs) is the up-to-date version or an old obsolete version.
  25. (VR) HFS calibration tests: VR to check on the 4.2% number in all the tables.
  26. (VR) HFS calibration tests: VR to add extra line to tables showing difference between JW1-miscalibrated and JW1-calibrated hrss.
  27. Sergei's pages were generated using the original DQ segments. The livetime has to be corrected for the final segment lists. Do we need to worry about this for the paper?
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