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coherent WaveBurst Review Meeting Monday 15 Jan 2009 08:30 Pacific / 11:30 Eastern

Agenda: Thursday 15 Jan 2009 08:30 Pacific / 10:30 Eastern

  1. Selecting a telecon time.
  2. Status of cWB S5yr2-VSR1 analysis: low frequency.
  3. Status of cWB S5yr2-VSR1 analysis: high frequency [ wiki ].
  4. What needs to be reviewed.
  5. Division of tasks.
  6. Timeline.

Calling Instructions

 Dial-in number:         1 800 704 9896
 International dial-in: +1 404 920 6472
 Conference code:        5374 2349 #



Sutton (minutes), Yakushin, Klimenko, Gouaty, Salemi, Re, Prodi, Drago, Babak, Zanolin.

Telecon time

Everyone was urged to fill in the doodle poll for a regular telecon time.

On Thursdays there are conflicts with the IMR call (11:00 eastern, 30-60 min), the high-mass call (11:00 eastern, 60-90 min), and the omega call (11:00 eatsern, 60 min).

Status of low-frequency cWB S5yr2-VSR1 analysis

Status of high-frequency cWB S5yr2-VSR1 analysis

Status of first-year review

Michele: Analysis review document circulated before the December meeting. Response positive -- everyone seems mostly pleased. The document is final except for:

All of these look okay.

What needs to be reviewed

Patrick collected a list of possible review items. These should be done for both the low- and high-frequency searches, were applicable.

Sergei: Prefer sorting review tasks by item (e.g., segment checks) rather than by search.

The goal is to have the review closed out for the March LVC meeting. (Patrick: I think this is optimistic.) Sergei: We need to present the paper to the review committee about 3 weeks earlier, to get their approval. This means we would have to finish the review by the end of February.

Division of tasks

Action item: Patrick will draft preliminary division of tasks for next week. All are invited to send suggestions for tests and to volunteer for tasks.


We will meet next week (during GWDAW) and those available will start the code review.


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