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coherent WaveBurst Review Meeting 12 Feb 2009 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

Agenda: Thursday 12 Feb 2009 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

  1. Update on action items from previous week
  2. Code review: low-frequency search
    • LFS driver scripts [web].
  3. AOB.

Calling Instructions

 Dial-in number:         1 800 704 9896
 International dial-in: +1 404 920 6472
 Conference code:        5374 2349 #



Patrick (minutes), Stas, Giovanni, Marco, Gabriele, Romain, Francesco, Igor, Sergey, Virginia, Michele.

  1. Update on action items from previous week:
    • Action item: Reviewers to look more closely at formula for damped sinusoids.
    • Action item: Patrick will circulate proposal for extra review call for Europeans.
    • Action item: Igor will produce tables of found/missed injections for each network combination.
      PENDING - Igor busy with M10.
    • Action item: Igor will make sure all results pages are updated to include CED follow-ups for loud background events (already done for H1H2L1, perhaps some others).
      PENDING - Romain ready to start with H1H2L1.
    • Action item: Igor will circulate links to pages with more info on simulations performed.
    • Action item: Patrick to check segment list production. Did similar job for LFS in first year already.
    • Action item: Gabriele/other to make sure all input segment lists are archived somewhere and linked from the review page.
      IN PROGRESS. Francesco has put post-processing scripts in a git archive, added a link to the top of the HFS Code Review page. He has also started replacing other link to input files on the wiki with links to git archive.
    • Action item: Igor will do the same for the LFS.
      PENDING - Igor thinks most are archived, but will check if any are missing.
  2. Code review: low-frequency search
    • LFS driver scripts [web].
    • Igor lead us through these pages. Have separate directory for each detector network, for production and simulation runs. Looked at H1H2L1 production dir first.
      1. H1H2L1 prod / S5 second year segs /> gets the segment lists.
      2. makes the job files, as in first year search.
      3. makes input file for job, including list of frames, input / output locations, labels, etc. Calls to get frames and write list to file.
      4. DAG very simple. Only input argument is the PID number which is used to specify the parameters file.
      5. .sub file also very simple. Calls, which in turn runs ROOT batch job. The batch job first runs the parameters.C script to set the parameters for the run, and then runs the net.C script to actually perform the analysis.
    • The parameters.C script is different for each network, and production vs. simulations run.
      • The number of IFOs and bpp change for each network.
      • Adjust bpp so that false rate is O(1/min/lag) ~ 3Hz for 200 lags.
    • The net.C script is the same for each network.
    • Igor copies or sim links all files (including net.C to separate directories for each network and production or simulation run.
    • Walked through net.C.
      • Sergei: net.C is essentially the same as for the first year analysis, except modified to handle all network combinations with the same script.
      • Sergei: Instructions for running are in the technical document. Easiest to run in interactive ROOT. If runID parameter is nonzero then the script will take input strings for the input dir, etc. Creating a setup (frame file list, seg list, config files, etc.) is necessary and cumbersome. Could use Igor's setup by specifying a run number that Igor has used. Note also that you need a rootLogon.C file.
  3. AOB.
    • None.


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