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coherent WaveBurst Review Meeting 09 Apr 2009 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern

Agenda: Thursday 09 Apr 12:00 Eastern

  1. Updates on Action Items [web].
  2. HFS results pages [ web ]
    • Igor's 2cd year page. Page contains details of analysis of each network, including links to Sergei's results pages for background and zero lag.
    • IY: Sergei's pages were generated using the original DQ segments. The livetime has to be corrected for the final segment lists.
    • IY: Both the background and zero-lag pages contain efficiency curves. They should be the same on both.
    • Focussed initially on L1H1H2 network.
    • "Analysis" page:
      • Summary statistics section: Zero-lag triggers available under the "zero lag events" link. Table in this section shows only time-lag triggers above final threshold.
      • Zero-lag page: Mis-flagged inspiral injection visible as rho=5.5 trigger. Equinox event is rho=6.6 trigger.
    • Simulation section contains link to file describing processing of triggers to produce -1/0/1 lists of injections for use in making combined upper limits.
    • Readme file applying final segments list to injections: README. Steps:
      • splits injections by waveform type and strain.
      • split1 does same for all injections regardless of whether they are in final seg list or not.
      • Matching done under condor to classify as detected (1), missed (0), not considered (-1)
      • makes efficiency data files
      • mdc1.C plots efficiency curves and does fitting
      • computes hrss 50% and 90% values.
      • (!) generates the files needed for combining results from several pipelines into a single UL. PJS: This is probably the most important for review, since it goes into result in paper.
      • generates webpage
    • Next looked at H1H2 pages.
    • IY: H1H2 is a special case in that some zero-lag data was used as playground for tuning (to check for correlated background). Relatively high threshold chosen to be conservative.
    • Section 1 (production): rate vs. lag plot shows excess at first non-zero lag (3.125 sec). IY: Threshold for these triggers is very low, rho>3.0. Excess associated with low-rho triggers; disappears for higher threshold.
    • Analysis pages carry links to text files specifying rho thresholds as a function of time and frequency. Links have names like "T[4.1,6.0,5.0]".
    • Action item" IY to post link to zero-lag playground analysis page for H1H2.
    • RG: Seem to be too many -1s in the WNB -1/0/1 injection file, considering the >50% duty cycle, even ignoring 4X times.
      Action item: IY to double-check this file.


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