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SGR 1806-20 Hyperflare Search Review Summary

Executive Committee Meeting 15 February 2006

Current version of paper [ PDF ]. Recommendation: approve for submission to Physical Review D once the author list is determined and reference [30] is completed.

GWDAW 11, December 2006

We reviewed the slides [ PDF ]. There are some changes we feel should be made to this presentation prior to final approval. We recommend provisional approval of this presentation pending resolution of the remaining issues identified by the review committee. These issues are:
  1. Fix the definition of hrss and its usage.
  2. Check the notion of energy sensitivity for conformance and correctness.

These items have been resolved in Version 7 of the presentation [ PDF ]. We recommend final approval of this presentation.

LSC November Meeting 2006

Current version of paper [ PDF ]. This is not a final draft.

Review items:

LSC August Meeting 2006

This is an update on the review of this search.

APS April Meeting 2006

We have reviewed the poster [ PDF ]. We recommend approval of this presentation but we would like to consider the energetics statements further.
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