Chapter 3. Getting started

Table of Contents

Obtaining a Kerberos ticket
Setting up your MATLAB environment
Adding NDS to the classpath for the current MATLAB session
Permanently adding NDS to the classpath
Note on java paths, jar files versus loose classes
Your first script with NDS
About the channel list cache
This chapter explains how to get started with the NDS client programming interface, including how to sign in to access authenticated NDS protocol 2 servers and how to complete the configuration of your MATLAB environment. It concludes with transcripts of very simple 'Hello, world'-like sessions in Python, Octave, and MATLAB.

Obtaining a Kerberos ticket

If you are going to work with an authenticated NDS Protocol 2 server, you will first need to establish a valid Kerberos ticket by running kinit. If you have never used kinit before, you will need to pass your LIGO.ORG username to kinit, like this:

$ kinit albert.einstein@LIGO.ORG
Password for albert.einstein@LIGO.ORG:

replacing albert.einstein with your own user name. The @LIGO.ORG part must be in all-caps. At the password prompt, provide your Kerberos password. Probably need to remind users here how and when they would have signed up for a Kerberos password.

If you have previously signed in, then you can renew your existing Kerberos ticket by running kinit without a username, like this:

$ kinit
Password for albert.einstein@LIGO.ORG:

Again, type your Kerberos password when prompted.