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LIGO prioritized list of Condor RFE/bugs

LIGO prioritized list of Condor RFE/bugs

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  1. [condor-admin #15287] X509 certificate management enhancement request.

  2. [condor-admin #15277] DAGMan spool directory efficiency. How to avoid making O(10^5-10^6) copies of executables.

  3. Multi-core support for dynamic provisioning of resources.

  4. [condor-admin #17168] Shadow failures to connect to schedd

  5. Tool to gather all the log files associated with a given job.

  6. [condor-admin #15669] RFE to optionally delete stdout/stderr files automatically.

  7. [condor-admin #14006] Append to stdout/err files on re-execution.

  8. [condor-admin #17092] Local universe scheduling latencies.

  9. An automatic logfile aggregation for large DAG runs on those log files that users want to keep.

  10. [condor-admin #14493] condor_hold/DAGMan enhancement request Leading to PR 776

  11. [condor-admin #13160] condor_off fails to checkpoint in 6.7.14? Proper sequencing of daemon shutdown on machines that have both startd and ckptserver running.

  12. [condor-admin #17283] Ancillary suggestion for a crash report tool.

  13. [condor-admin #12616] Controlling resource abusive jobs For example, using setrlimit().

  14. [condor-admin #17239] condor_submit stuck in CPU spin-loop

  15. [condor-admin #17219] stdout occasionally lost for jobmanager-condor

  16. [condor-admin #17136] condor_run intermittently returning NULL results

  17. [condor-admin #14572] schedd deadlock on startup acquiring lock on user log file

  18. How to avoid thousands of jobs "flushing through a black hole machine".

  19. [condor-admin #17143] ImageSize update problem
    Peter investigating what it would take to have the same level and frequency of reporting for the Standard Universe as for the Local.
    Corollary--if this is too much for the standard it is probably too much for vanilla and how do we scale back on large pools.

  20. [condor-admin #17291] Job on hold without a reason

  21. Condor to rename core files to unique names to avoid overwriting when there are multiple problems.

  22. [condor-admin #14189] condor_history -backwards doesn't work

  23. [condor-admin #17465] condor_master core dump

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