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Condor-LIGO biweekly telecon
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Building the Globus Toolkit from Source

Before proceeding please check if any pre-built packages are available for your chosen platform.

These instructions are provided as a failsafe method if you are unable to use the pre-built packages, or have an unsupported platform. They are provided as-is and worked at the time of writing. They are not supported, and are only recommended for advanced users.

Please check to see if later versions of the Globus Toolkit and OSG Certificate bundles are available before proceeding.

  1. download the Globus Toolkit source installer: gt5.2.0-all-source-installer.tar.bz2
  2. extract the Globus Toolkit source:
      $ tar xf gt5.2.0-all-source-installer.tar.bz2
  3. set the location you want to install globus to:
      $ export GLOBUS_LOCATION=/path/to/install/globus/to
  4. sanitise the PATH:
      $ export PATH=/bin:/usr/bin
  5. set an appropriate flavour to build:
      $ export FLAVOUR=gcc64dbg
    for a 64 bit system, or:
      $ export FLAVOUR=gcc32dbg
    for a 32 bit system
  6. configure, build, and install with:
      $ ./configure --prefix=$GLOBUS_LOCATION --with-flavor=$FLAVOUR
      $ make gsi-openssh
      $ make postinstall

VDT Certificate Bundle

  1. download the latest OSG CA Certificate bundle (osg-certificates-1.26.tar.gz at the time of writing)
  2. install the certificate bundle with:
      $ tar xf osg-certificates-1.26.tar.gz -C $GLOBUS_LOCATION/share

Source Setup Script

Now the globus is installed the binaries can be added by sourcing the appropriate setup script, $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/ for bourne compatible shells, or $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/globus-user-env.csh for C-shells.

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