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LDG Collaborations

Condor-LIGO biweekly telecon
Globus-LIGO monthly telecon
LIGO VO in Open Science Grid [OSG]
Archival GriPhyN-LIGO WG pages



Quick Introduction to LSC DataGrid Client Tools

Note: If you have questions after reading below, please send mail to the LDG Help Desk.

Creating a grid proxy

Once at the beginning of each session you should do create a grid proxy by running the following command:

$ grid-proxy-init

When prompted for your certificate pass phrase enter it to generate a proxy certificate, used to authenticate around the LSC DataGrid.

Grid OpenSSH

Assuming you have a valid grid certificate proxy then you can just ssh into one of the LSC DataGrid server sites using the grid enabled ssh client without being prompted for a password:

$ gsissh
[skoranda@hydra ]$

Note that you can also use this OpenSSH client to SSH to any host in the normal way using a password.

Grid FTP

The GridFTP client is globus-url-copy. To copy a file from a remote GridFTP server do something like this:

$ globus-url-copy gsi file:/home/skoranda/foo

To put a file onto a GridFTP server do something like this:

$ globus-url-copy file:/home/skoranda/foo gsi

If the file is large add the following arguments to use multiple data channels and large TCP windows:

-p 4 -tcp-bs 1048576 -vb

For more details see the globus-url-copy help page:

$ globus-url-copy -help
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